Too busy to talk – have a panda instead

The experience of the long drawn out butt-kicking that is our last semester of grad school is kind of like accelerated reverse gastronomy. We’ll have to pass these courses before we can begin digesting their contents.

So instead of writing about interesting stuff we’re doing, we’re writing typing Word documents about interesting ideas we’re ‘reading.’ I’d like to say that between the ‘reading’ and the typing we’re reflecting deeply on said ideas, but the question “When?” has me crushed beneath its mountainously unassailable and 苦-ly relevant logic. I concede defeat. Gastronomical reversal it is.

Anyway, all that to apologize for the lack of action around here the last little while and for pulling ‘filler’ posts from the saved drafts (see below).

13 seconds well worth it! Turn your sound way up, and pay real close attention.


4 thoughts on “Too busy to talk – have a panda instead”

  1. The kids really liked this video! So .. did the baby really sneeze?
    They said it was very very funny. (we have watched if four times so far) =)

    that munching sound make me want to go eat popcorn! =)

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