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We got some photos from home of their first SNOW. It just so happened that I took some photos here on those same days. You could say there’s a slight contrast. Click here for the gallery. And here’s one from each from here and there. Click the pictures for a bigger view.

A breakfast cart on the way to work around 8:50am beside a tree that somehow doesn’t seem to mind the asphalt too much. I’m glad they appreciate trees and green stuff here, at least in our neighbourhood. This tree shades these ladies from the November sun. I thought it was interesting the way the roots come up through the road. I suppose there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

The night before a snowstorm closed roads in greater Vancouver and canceled school. Aaaahhhh…

More pictures from Here & There.

4 thoughts on “Recent photos from here & there”

  1. The contrast is really something eh? BTW…todays forecast is for another record breaking 30-40 cm!!! I have never seen this here–on the \”moderate mountain coast\” where it just steams with rain most of the time. People are being told to stock up on salt, supplies for power outages etc. I am here at school on my break wondering if I should be out at the grocery store!
    Man…I sure wish you guys were here for this!!!! I guess there is a special reason you are there right now–something even better than all this snow. Time will tell eh?
    love mom
    PS Keep your eyes on the mail box :)

  2. ah yes, let’s see… special reasons that are better than all that snow… like coursework? We’re just about to go to bed, submitted an assignment at 1:45am and we’re sleepy.

    I still think throwing Bella in the snow would make a great photo op.

  3. funny, that tree was the first thing that caught my attention. its really cool! i love stuff like that because of the contrast and the exposure of something that is beautiful though normally hidden.

    great tree.


  4. Me too. I would love to wander around with a camera just looking for stuff like that. One cool thing I need to take better pictures of are the gardens some people have a couple blocks over. They’re growing food in the dirt beside the paved road and the sidewalk… just patches of missing asphalt really. It’s strange to me to see gardens butting right up next to concrete dividers, surrounded by apartment buildings and a sea of concrete.

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