[Photo Gallery:] Here & There – November ’06

Family sent some pictures from home of Vancouver’s first snow this year. It just happened that I had taken some pictures in Yonghe on those same days.

In the Yonghe photos you’ll see morning commuters’ breakfast, Yonghe style, at 8:45am on our walk to work. Yonghe is known for its breakfast foods and drinks, and you can get stuffed quick with rice rolls, bean drinks, onion buns, and all kinds of stuff. The 2nd breakfast photo has a tree beside the cart that is growing right through the asphalt – I guess they just paved around it. There’s a mostly empty subway car at around 10:50am. Don’t be deceived… these things get packed fuller than the Skytrain after a game. But when they’re full it’s hard to get a picture without being right up in somebody’s face. I also tried to find the sky from our bathroom and bedroom windows.
Photos from the first snow in Vancouver that closed the roads.

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