Looking for Double Happiness

In this six-and-a-half minute short, Su-fei, an unhappily unmarried single Jewish girl, interviews young and old in Beijing about getting boyfriends and spouses. At the 3:10 mark she talks to an old couple about their arranged marriage, the feelings they had, and what they first talked about.

Did you notice that more than one person mentioned “fate” (just after 2:10)? I think there might be an underlying cultural deal going on there. Also, at the end when she finally gets a guy’s phone number, notice how he hands it to her: business cards should always be given and received two-handed.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Double Happiness”

  1. Hey guys,
    Great getting updated on whats going on with you. I would love to go to that museum. This video was hilarious. How was her cantonese? How does she know so much? Just seemed like a great cultural insight. I pray hat all is well with you. We are enjoying Ceara and i have actually been surprised how atural it is being parents of newborns, even without having any family around to help out. I know you will be great parents also. Take is easy over there!

  2. Yeah, we looked at all your Ceara pictures last night! The one with the cats and your boxers is still my favourite.

    In the video she’s speaking Mandarin. Cantonese is more from the south, like Hong Kong. I’ve seen people make fun of her accent on the YouTube comments for her stuff, but apparently it’s not that bad. I don’t know… it’s all Greek to me. Her Mandarin is lightyears ahead of ours, that’s for sure!

    If you thought this one was funny, you should see Chinese English Names in Beijing.

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