[Photo Gallery:] Taipei’s Museum of World Religions

We spent 2 hours at Yonghe’s Museum of World Religions. In these photos you’ll see the entrance hall, which has this hypnotic atmosphere created by the lighting and the sound mix of esoteric questions in several languages with ambiant music and other sounds like a baby crying. There are also some of the meditation gallery, some interesting info on traditional Taiwanese religion, and museum staff getting a training lecture on Christianity. We also met a group of kids from Nantou that had apparently never seen real live foreigners before.

We weren’t supposed to use a flash, so a lot of photos were pretty blurry, but the museum sort of intentionally tries to blur a lot of lines anyway. Maybe it just shows in the photos. But there’s much more to the museum than what’s in these photos.

You can read about the Museum of World Religions here:

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