A little Chinglish from home

Got this in an e-mail. A family member’s recent discovery at the T&T Supermarket in Surrey, B.C.

I just saw the best translation I’ve seen yet in T&T tonight while wandering around T&T….I was laughing out loud all by myself in the store…:)

“Instant Rice Noodle Ass Flavour” !!! I looked at the box to see what was
under the sign….It was packages of instant ramen soup –beef spare rib

Amazing what one letter and a period can do.

ps – Hmmm… speaking of bad translations, we have a Chinese lesson today!

4 thoughts on “A little Chinglish from home”

  1. I hear they eat that at the Tanzanian Ass of God!!! ahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha that is my favorite sign of all time. Well, next to the dentist/circumcision center.

  2. Joel,

    I must have surely told you about the abbrevation that the Assembly of God of Tanzania churches use, right? Everywhere you go in Tanzania you see signs for the Tanzanian Ass of God.

    Plus, in Kampala, right by the American Club was a shop that claimed to perform both dental procedures and circumcisions. Classic. I think you were with me for the second one, no?

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