Spaghetti – with chopsticks

It’s weird. We eat noodles with chopsticks just about every day. But yesterday a group we were with cooked American-style spaghetti for a change, with sauce and all that. And instead of putting it on plates and using forks and spoons, we put it in bowls and used chopsticks. It’s a strange thing – it seems totally normal to us to eat all the other kinds of noodle dishes with chopsticks. But I was eating spaghetti with chopsticks thinking, man, this is funny. I’m not saying it’s a rational reaction… it just is what it is. Just another, “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto Chou-chou” kind of moment.

Anyway, if you want to share a small taste of our life, eat your spaghetti with chopsticks next time. (Hint: use a bowl not a plate, pick it up, and hold it close to your face.)

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