Blending in… not so much

I don’t see any big nose foreigners. Do you see any big nose foreigners?

No, there hasn’t been an outbreak of bird flu or SARS. But today we were sick with bad coughs and colds, and in Taiwan when you’re sick you wear a mask as a courtesy to everyone else. You don’t want people coughing and sneezing in crowded subways cars or all over their students in class. It’s not uncommon for people to wear masks while working, playing piano in church, driving, or just about anything. We don’t really notice them anymore when friends or co-workers wear them. I wasn’t sure how people would react with foreigners wearing masks, since I assume most foreigners don’t. But my students didn’t even seem to notice, and I was looking for a reaction from them.

Tomorrow morning we’re having one of our regularly scheduled practicum meetings, and Mingdaw has decided to combine it with a trip to a really big wet market that apparently has something distinguishing about it. It’ll sure be nice to get out!

6 thoughts on “Blending in… not so much”

  1. OK, so you’re wearing a mask. But what’s the funny looking thing protruding from your shirt collar, Joel? An elongated bib? That thing is way more silly than the mask.

    I still don’t understand neckties and probably never will. At least the mask is functional. It may be tough understanding other cultures, but my own culture still baffles me.

  2. I agree, but after they cut off my hair, I lost the will the fight.

    It was either dress for The Man, get a job, and go to Asia, or live in my parent’s basement for a year. Not saying my parent’s basement isn’t a great place to be…

    BTW, your graffiti is still down there on the walls – we should have showed Jen when you guys were over last.

  3. ok so just in case you haven’t heard yet. Travis and Alicia had their baby, I think early this morning. It’s a girl. I think this is her name (sp?) Caera Janal…. anyways, just wanted to let you both know!

  4. I don’t if it’s so much that… it’s just how things are done here.

    And I’m pretty it was one of my non-mask-wearing students that gave us this cold after coughing all over me for four hours, so maybe that made me more favourable toward doing it ourselves.

    Plus, I can cough my head off in class if I want to now!

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