5 thoughts on “台北, 中秋節快樂!”

  1. Yes, that’s a mask of the kind that’s similar to what we saw on TV when SARS was big. But it’s really not that unusual here to see. If people are wearing them, it usually just means that they’re feeling a little sick and doing their part to be courteous and not spread germs. Our kids will wear them to class, we regularly see them on the MRT (subway system), our co-workers wear them when they’re under the weather…it’s a regular part of the landscape here.

    Other masks get worn pretty frequently as well, particularly for riding around on scooters, or for trying to avoid the ill effects of the pollution.

  2. hey, it looks like there’s some good ‘normal’ (what is normal anyways?? but normal to you guys…) food on that platter…that I would even eat! Like the corn and green beans :)

  3. Yeah, along with the corn and green beans, we also had squid and clams (yes, on the barbeque)…not a big fan of the clams, but squid I can handle. Overall, it was delicious…and a LOT of fun! There were more than 20 of us, and three barbeques, and a TON of food. :D

    And the corn was absolutely delicious roasted on the barbeque and coated with a little bit of some spicy teriyaki sauce!

  4. Hey.. I finally got a little time to look at your site.. It sure looks like yall are having fun on the roof top! I cant wait to catch up on reading you site! I am a bit behind..

    hope you are doing good..

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