Scooter slogans you live can’t without…and a break!

I’ve stepped up on my observations of the local scooter literature. Here are my most recent ones from my walk in the park this afternoon.

Duke: The best racer you are from now on.
Easy: best partner for your life.
Jockey: Join us to ride it!
Jog is fascinating to you.
Jockey: Jockeys ride us!
Going: More you look, more you like it.
Duke: The modern scooter citizen.
Freeway: A scooter you can live with.
Freeway: The shape you want to be in.

Taking a Break

The holiday schedule in Taiwan is, of course, a bit different than N.America. Today we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival), which means we’ll be headed to a couple of barbeques, and we’ve also been sampling traditional and non-traditional (ice cream!) mooncakes. As a result, we don’t have to work today. We do have to work on Saturday, but only the morning class, since so many of our students will be out of town. Also, upcoming next Tuesday is Taiwan’s “National Day” which is also a holiday. That wouldn’t make a big difference for us, as Tuesday is our regular day off….except, the government made a last minute decision to declare Monday a holiday as well, so that everyone could enjoy a 5 day weekend. So, except for Saturday morning, we don’t teach again until Wednesday! And, we’ll have an additional day off next Saturday, because all of our students will be going to their regular schools in order to make up for their “holiday” on Monday, so they won’t be available for our classes.

We’re going to make sure to get out and go hiking and see some stuff…but unfortunately, we won’t get to play too much. Our courses have started and we are swamped with homework and reading, so we’re going to take this chance to get caught up (and maybe even ahead by a little bit!).

3 thoughts on “Scooter slogans you live can’t without…and a break!”

  1. Joel, while these scooter slogans are quite good, you know nothing can beat the “Bill’s Gal” bus in Mwanza. Nothing like a great big painting of Monica L. on the side of Tanzanian public transport.

  2. It’s been what, 6 years since then, and I still don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that.

    I asked Todd about all that stuff, Ghetto Love and Bill’s Gal, etc. He thought is was their way of showing that they’re a part of what’s going on in the world.

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