Creepy, eh?

We found this, and more, on a recent hike up Elephant Mountain in which I had too much fun with the macro setting on the camera (click for photos). Creeps me out though… felt like slapping the daylights out of every slightest itch for the next half an hour. But that hike was our one break in a very busy two weeks or so. The latest:

  • Chou-chou had worms, that meant a trip to the vet, and that meant we discovered just how much Chou-chou hates rectal thermometers.
  • Some obsessive parents at the school are driving us and our boss insane. First time we’d seen him mad, actually. Nice to know he feels he doesn’t have to hide it from us, and the ensuing process of dealing with said parents is great experience in negotiating disagreement in this context.
  • Our research practicum is arranged. Weekly (or so) debriefing meetings with our practicum supervisor will include weekly cultural experiences. He invited us to accompany him on his upcoming visit to a traditional Chinese doctor this Tuesday. Traditional tea houses, museums, temples, and other stuff are all in the works – definitely our preferred kinds of classrooms.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people protested downtown last night again, demanding that Taiwan’s president step down. The subway was packed with people in red. Even their dogs were wearing red.

Anyway, more later.

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