Whoa – YouTube

The folks in Texas want a video asap, so I’ve gotta figure out how to do video. Recently realized we have editing software that came with the camera. Also figured out YouTube today. So the video stuff around here is all re-done; videos aren’t unedited anymore and you don’t have to download them. Just click the box.
Of the dozens of sword dancers we see every morning, these guys weren’t the flashiest, but this is a typical daily sight in our neighbourhood. That one older guy seems about 3 seconds behind though.

There’s new stuff on the video page, including some Chou-chou, and we have a YouTube channel. I’m still learning with the editing… I reduced the video quality too much on these ones but it was my first try. The next ones will be better, and they should be coming soon since we’re supposed to be sending something to Texas asap.