Maple syrup cookies get mixed reviews

We brought two packages of mapleleaf-shaped maple-flavoured cookies from Canada to the big weekly Sunday lunch yesterday. Everyone welcomed us back warmly and seemed a little tickled that we’d thought to bring something. Some people said they liked the cookies and most of them got eaten, but we saw two different people bite into them and make a face and three other people shared one between them. It was kind of funny. We knew that sweet stuff was generally a bad gift and that these cookies were beyond sweet for what most people here are used to. Dessert here is fruit; red beans are considered sweet. We didn’t bring any maple syrup because we knew they wouldn’t like it. But we were desperate for something “Canadian” that could serve a big group. I’m betting they’ll like the dulce and the beef jerky better.

3 thoughts on “Maple syrup cookies get mixed reviews”

  1. Love from Niagara Grandma Effie. Tami should try some dulse- it,s great. I ate bags of it where I was raised on the Atlantic New Brunswick coast. We ate it instead of popcorn at the movies. Hope I get some for Xmas from Vancouver. Give a hug to Chou chou.

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