Back from Camping

We’re back from camping on the West Coast – lots of sun, s’mores, ocean, and relaxing with family. After a whole week away from the computer, I’m in no hurry to get back online. There are two new picture galleries: one from visiting friends and family in Texas and one from camping on the Sunshine Coast.

That’s about all the computer I can take right now. With only days left before we leave for Taiwan, start work, and start our last semester of school, I’m trying to avoid the computer as much as possible.

8 thoughts on “Back from Camping”

  1. Hey, lay off of Brian! We like him. You’re just still ticked about that picture =) It was me, not Jessica… I’m supposed to take it off and replace it with the individual ones of you guys and her. I’ll get to it eventually… I hope.

  2. Hey Guys,
    Camping back home, wow that must have been fun. I could totally relate to your feelings about leaving Abilene in your last post. Why do you call it the TMFC or whatever? Let me know through email how some of those other conversations turned out. We can also relate to Jessica’s feelings of just sitting close to your parents knowing that you won’t be close again for a long time. I think that is the hardest part about this job, and they say it only gets worse with the grand-kids. I will not have seen my mom for 2 years when and if she comes in March. It is hard. Anyways glad to see God’s blessings in your lives.

  3. We call it The Fair Mother City (TFMC) because we are being annoyingly selective about what personal info we allow on the blog. Like our last names, or our universities. If people tried hard enough they could get all that info and more, but we like to perpetuate the veneer of privacy, anyway.

    That, and after almost 9 years there it is quite therapeutic to make fun of it.

  4. Hi Joel/Jessica-Again, sorry we missed your last night in Burnaby, but we also had a great day with a close realtor friend on mine, at his wedding. Hope you are both well and that things are going great over there. I really admire and respect you both for your concern for other people. You know I am thinking of you every morning during my walk. Jim

  5. Jim…

    Thanks for your encouragement. We missed seeing you our last night at Burnaby, but we understand. We are so thankful for your continued thoughts…it means so much to us!!!


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