Family and Friends…

Well, we’re back in BC, which means that most of the people we spent time with this week in Texas, we probably won’t see again for another few years. In so many ways, this is exciting…because we’re at the age and stage of life where we and so many of our friends are beginning to spread our wings, move to the places that we’ve dreamed of and prayed about, and see what happens when we get there. It’s a little sad too, because we’ve been blessed with amazing friendships and relationships from our years in T.F.M.C. It seems like there is never quite enough time to spend with anyone, and it’s always hard to say goodbye. We’re exhausted, but so thankful for another week of sharing life together with those that we love. Thanks to all of our friends in T.F.M.C. for being such an encouragement to us, for challenging us to keep growing, for affirming us, and for your prayers. We love all of you so much!

It’s also a little bittersweet to realize that this weekend with my family is the last one we’ll have for a little while. Today, I was holding my 18-month old niece and realized that the next time she sees me, she probably won’t remember me. I snuggled my mom on the couch for a few minutes, soaking up her sweet and gentle presence, and remembering the hours I’ve spent on her lap. I relived another small piece of childhood with my sister while we made our family’s traditional “no-bake” oatmeal cookies. Together, we’re like the SWAT team of no-bake cookie making…a million batches made together have made us an efficient and well-oiled team and while we can make them by ourselves, it works better (and is WAY more fun) to do it together. Over the course of the weekend, I wished that my dad and my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews could be with us…but it was still such a good time. We love you family….thanks for a great weekend, and for all the ways that you love us and support us.

Now we’re off to go camping with Joel’s family somewhere on the coast of BC. We’re bringing lots of books with us, our stunt kites, and NO laptops. We’ll update you sometime next Sunday or Monday when we get back. :)

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  1. It was a great joy to spend time with you both while you were here. The no-bake cookies made our time a little sweeter.

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