Back in the FMC

After two red-eye flights and three hours of driving, we’re here. Where is here? A bumber sticker at the local flea market says, “…the town you can’t afford to leave.” It’s 110 American degrees, which I’m sure is something obscene in Celsius. They haven’t had rain in about five weeks. But the university campus is also covered in migrating butterflies; we walked through clouds of them today.

On the way into town we stopped at Dan and Brenda’s and had a great three hours or so catching up. It’s amazing how you can just pick up conversation with some people after a while and it’s like you were never apart. Them and our conversation reminded me of how incredibly blessed we are to have all kinds of people whom we love and respect on our side. Dan and Brenda live outside of town on some land in the country, and they’ve started building an African village compound… huts and all that, complete with goats and donkeys and I think soon some ducks.

Same with Kelly and Houston (re: the conversation, not the goats and huts). Houston and I have some shared history involving goats (and huts), African village-market-quality knives, and a rather messy “cultural learning experience.” But anyway we’re staying with Kelly and Houston until Friday, when we’ll head to Dallas to see Jessica’s mom and sister before heading back to Canada on Sunday.

One whole week to enjoy lots of friends in between some meetings – sounds pretty good to me!

3 thoughts on “Back in the FMC”

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re both safe in Texas! Have fun in the heat, and don’t swallow too many butterflies in your sleep. :)

  2. On behalf of residents of the fair mother city, we welcome you.

    Enjoy the greenery in and around the ACU biosphere. It’s the only vegetation in town that’s not dead.

  3. It was a blessing to see you guys. Well, Joel, I guess I didn’t SEE you, but it was a pleasure to have you in town anyway. Love you!

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