First trips to church

I’ve got the older batch of Korean and Taiwanese ESL students – mostly younger teens. Many of them went to a church service for the first time yesterday. We weren’t with them, but here’s what they said…

“They gave us grape juice and said it was God’s blood? And biscuit but I didn’t know what that means. It was so crazy!”

“How do you spell ‘Jesus’?”

“They always make us stand up and sit down.”

“It looked like a school.”

I couldn’t make out everything they were trying to explain, especially since they didn’t understand what they were trying to explain. But apparently one Foursquare church was passing out packets of honey (?!) during the service… and of course the one our student got broke in his pocket and got sticky everywhere. Another one of our students started raising his hands and mimicking everyone else during the prayer/worship time. His Korean homestay partner asked what he was doing, and he said, “Trying to fit in!”

It seemed like most of them didn’t have a clue what was going on… alot of them were struggling to stay awake (and these are mostly big, P.A.O.C., professional worship band-type churches). Next Monday maybe they’ll be ready for a little Q&A session, though I’m not sure how I’ll explain the honey.

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  1. Hey Jess… I have a happy package to send to you… =) You need to email me your address in BC so that I can ship it (for likely cheaper than it would have been to ship to Taiwan). Just a few belated birthday and anniversary presents from me. =)

    I love you guys! Syd and I are flying out tomorrow to go visit Mom and Dad tomorrow for 8 days. Should be fun, though it looks like I’m going to be inlisted in the latest relocation project.

  2. Wow man that is really enlightening. I wonder if the same thing would happen in our organic churches I bet in some cases it would be the same experience. We have to be intentional about communicating. Not just tradition ladden.

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