Back in Vancouver

Made it back just in time for Julia’s graduation. Here’s a photo with her date to the grad banquet/cruise/breakfast that the school does as an alternative to prom. Brian’s a Korean guy who was on her South Africa trip.

It’s Canada day, so the paper is filled with things that are supposed to make Canada look good and distinct, like this quote from Jane Fonda (yes, that’s right),

When I go to Canada, I feel this what the world should be like.

Toques, Tim Horton’s donuts, and polar bears made the top 5 “Reasons to Love Canada” list. Wayne Gretzky was #9 – right above salmon. I’ll refrain from facetious comments regarding national identity crises and inferiority complexes.

We really do like it here. The weather is sunny but not sweaty, it’s all green and tree’d, quiet, spacious… and I’m talking about Surrey, B.C. The locals disagree, but perspective is very relative: driving into Surrey from the airport I thought, “Geez, this place is so… undeveloped!” It looked like frontier territory or something, compared to Yonghe. We’ve been hanging out with extended family that’s here for Julia’s grad, nice and relaxing before the craziness of the ESL program starts on Monday.

In other news, CHL will soon go public – meaning no more annoying logging in and all that. I just have to clean up a few more things and make sure I don’t accidentally mess it all up in the process.

4 thoughts on “Back in Vancouver”

  1. I was going to ask if you would be at Shannon’s wedding, but I guess you won’t be if you start work on Monday. If you’re staying at your parents’ place, we’re only ten minutes apart — might take me a while to get used to that. I’ll track you down one of these days.

  2. Yeah, we’re especially bummed about missing Shannon’s wedding. But that is the first day of the summer program and there’s no way we could get out of it.

  3. We don’t want to be mistaken for troublesome people, so we’re just going to be totally open. The login is pretty inconsequential anyway, all things considered. We talked to some people who should know, and after collecting all their advice we decided to just be open and clean about everything. Note the bottom says “apolitical.” We aren’t the only people doing that.

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