Birthday Haiku…in honor of the tall big cat

Chou chou here…

I’m forgoing my nightly routine of shredding toilet paper and chasing dust bunnies around the apartment. Now that the big cats have wandered off to bed, the computer is mine, so I’ll take this chance to post some birthday greetings!

During the hours when the big cats disappear every day, I mostly sit around with my eyes shut thinking up new haiku to pass the hours. These are for the tallest big cat:

Fluttering, cats melt.
Eagerness melts the woman.
A hunting spice walks.

Happy hostile cat.
Calm blue oceans create waves.
Psychology nut.

Happy Birthday!

13 thoughts on “Birthday Haiku…in honor of the tall big cat”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL… i’m second. :) Since we’re technology challenged and can’t skype very often..this is as good as it gets! We are looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks…we’ll bring your present then! have a great one.

  2. My family always sings happy birthday over the phone and if they have to they type it out over the internet. For spaces sake I’ll just say happy birthday man. I think you know the tone well enough. Though I’m sure it’s confusing when people clap on the first and third beat instead of the second and fourth. Let me know how that sounds. Love you guys.

  3. Feliz Cumpleaños, Joel! Haiku’s to you!

    Little Joel; so tall
    Untalented; has beautiful words
    Insignificant greatness!

    You know, your words about eyes had a striking, yet scary similarity to the Song of Songs. Must be birthday inspiration. ????????? ???????

  4. Wow Brian. I’m in tears. You should publish that.

    Tami – hey, thanks for the present! Though maybe you should let it sit on your table for a few months before giving it to me so I won’t feel as bad about Ryan’s.

    Sean – yes, they have Happy Birthday in Chinese… it’s our tune though. I think they also have a truly Chinese one, but the Western-sounding one is more popular, apparently. At least that’s the one the kids sing for each other.

  5. Happy 27th Birthday Joel! So grateful for the privilege to be your mom, so thankful for God’s blessing on your life, and the great blessing you are to mine! Looking soooooo forward to seeing you in 8 days!!!! Big B’day cake coming up!
    love mom

  6. joel,

    you’re 27?! eeekk!! that’s getting up there!

    try to have a happy birthday anyway. houston and i wish you many plates of a certain animal’s body part, which we would bring to your party if we were there.

  7. If they eat it, I’ll eat it – be it innard, exo-skeleton, or western household pet. That’s my personal challenge to myself. It’s kind of like a contact sport.

    Some of our friends here saw a travel documentary filmed by some college-age white people who were at the Dragon Boat Festival (I think we actually saw them filming). In the documentary they tried the stinky dofu and one of them actually puked. They said it tasted like poop. Chodofu is a favourite food here that’s sort of linked to Taiwan cultural identity, and our friends were less than impressed. But I think we gained a couple points in their eyes by comparison.

  8. So, I take it you don’t want any Chinese stuff for your birthday? Online I found this sweet deluxe Carbon Monoxide detector with “Clap on Clap off” capabilities.

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