Dreams in Taiwan…

Well…it’s official, I must be getting acclimated to Taiwan. My dreams of the last few weeks have begun to reflect the realities of this place more than the realities of North America.

Here’s proof:

1. Some parts of my dreams are now (semi-regularly) in Chinese. Not that I understand it, mind you (even in the dream)…but it’s in there! (I wonder…does my brain really know Chinese in a subconscious way, if I can dream in it? Too bad it’s locked in there where my conscious mind and tongue can’t unlock it! Help, I need the key!!!!)

2. Even familiar places from my past are now located in hi-rise buildings,
rather than their real-life structures. I had a dream three nights ago that was located in “The World Famous Bean” – our former school’s one-story cafeteria. There was a bomb in the Bean and nobody would believe me….somehow, that wasn’t nearly as shocking to me as the realization that the Bean was now located in a twenty-story building. :D

3. I’m no longer dreaming about demanding parents of my residents in the dorm. Now, I’m dreaming about the demanding parents whose offspring we are attempting to teach English. Last night, I dreamed that a mom wanted us to teach her two-year old child English. And, she wanted us to provide transportation, meals every x number of hours, and make sure that there was a rigorous load of homework. And in the dream my boss said, “I think I’m probably going to have to tell her no, but is there any way we could possibly make this work?” (I was so relieved when I woke up and realized that it wasn’t really happening…much like the relief experienced when I used to wake up from dreams about getting fired after giving the obnoxious parents and residents of my dorm a piece of my mind…)


In other news, I’m finally finished with this semester’s classes! (Joel finished about 6 weeks ago). Unfortunately, I think our next set of classes starts in June or July…so it may be somewhat shortlived relief. Nevertheless, I’m determined to enjoy it while it lasts! First on the schedule…an end-of-semester-hot-date with Joel. We’re going to try and see if Ice Age 2 is still playing anywhere around here. (=

3 thoughts on “Dreams in Taiwan…”

  1. Speaking of hot dates, we ate smoked pig ear last night.

    And we finally wrote something for the “About Us” page that I can live with. Some of the unwieldly verbiage is intentional for now – the rest I can’t help. I need English lessons from Ryan.

  2. Congrats Jessica glad to hear your semester is over with. I can’t say the same for me. My epistemology paper drags on, but hey I will celebrate with you in spirit, just not in truth. Wow the bean twenty stories up! I wonder if the food cooks better at that altitude? Get back to that dream and let me know!

  3. Hope you get to see Ice Age 2. I thought it was better than the first one. Sorry to be away for so long. My mother was very ill and passed away on May 6. She is at home with the Lord. The Lord gave me a wonderful vision of her homecoming right as she died, it was marvelous. Hope things are going well. You are always in our prayers.
    Dan and Brenda

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