We thought it’d been dull lately…

… but the video we took today has a dancer outside the small temple where the parade stopped, standing over piles of burning spirit money and waving a battle axe.

Just when it seemed like nothing interesting had happened in a while, guess who comes parading down the street in a swarm of firecrackers while we were out buying toilet paper?

Uh, we’re still guessing. I asked Mr. Ling the security guard (literally): “Have two big person – their name?” but all we got out of him and his friend was that it’s called 八家将. I found a Wikipedia page on it – in Chinese – and also found out that those translation sites aren’t worth much for stuff like this.

But maybe you not getting an instant explanation to go with the pictures and video is good. No one hands them to us right away when we see stuff like this! We’ll post the Who’s Who when we find out.

For now, check out these pictures.

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