We’re Aliens! (and other news tidbits)

Yesterday, we finally received our ARCs (Alien Resident Certificates)…which means that our status as Alien Residents is now official (as if Philippians 3:20 wasn’t confirmation enough).

This means that we can now come and go without having to apply and reapply for visas, open bank accounts, be employed (we were legally employed prior to this, but this makes it legal for the school to directly hire us, rather than through the school in Canada), get a Blockbuster membership (so we can watch all of the “classics” that our boss recommends to us) and…..most importantly, get a LIBRARY CARD!

(Yes, we are Alien Resident NERDS…and completely unashamed of it.) :D

Other news tidbits:

This morning, we had a Mother’s Day brunch at the school….complete with North American breakfast foods such as muffins, pancakes, and a nice ham and egg breakfast casserole (Joel’s mom’s recipe). It was tiring, preparing all of that…but my experience as the Morris Dorm director with our “Dead Day Breakfasts” served me well! The kids sang songs for their moms, served them breakfast, and gave them flowers. Lots of fun…hopefully we’ll have some cute pictures and/or video to post soon.

We’re getting more chances to explore now that Joel’s classes are over and mine is winding down. Joel combines his MWF exercise with language lessons from the older people that use the chin up bars, and our local “fish soup” restaurant owners are turning out to be good friends and great cultural informants. I hope we can keep it up even when we start new classes in another few weeks!

The typhoon we thought we were going to get tomorrow changed directions and wound up in the Phillipines instead. Talking to our co-workers at the school about it, it seems like people here kind of view typhoons in the same way that North American kids and teachers view “snow days.” During a typhoon, you can’t go out….which means no school, and no work. For the hard-working adults and hard-studying kids here, a day off is a nice change. We’ll let you know if/when more typhoons come our way…

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