[Photo Gallery:] Máomáo chóng!

This little guy was crawling around during my morning workout in the beginning of May. Mr. Weng thought it would make a good Chinese lesson, and I had my camera with me so I played with the macro setting a bit. I still haven’t read the manual, the lighting was less than perfect, and it’s hard to hold your arms completely still in between workout sets, but I’m still impressed with the detail in these shots. You can count the hairs on this thing! I had to reduce the files a bit for the blog, but you can still see some cool detail.

The second row of pictures is from a trip to the park with our level 1 students on June 15. They won’t touch the máo máo chóng because they think the hair is poisonous. Neil, in the middle two pictures, is practicing “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” right now for a reading recital, so this was kind of cool.

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