[Photo Gallery:] Hong Kong, 2006 May 4

We got up at 4am to catch an early morning flight into Hong Kong, and made it back to Taipei around midnight. A quick stop to do some more visa applying (for residency this time), meet some of the folks from Jian Hua (who will facilitate our language learning in Tianjin), and take a couple pictures along the way.

You’ll see pig snouts and nets of live frogs in the meat market; a guy using an abacus; turtle shells and snake skins; and packages of paper clothing/shoes, which were next to paper stereos, cigs, cell phones, computers, and T.V.’s – all used as burnt offerings to the dead. And, lest people get the impression that Hong Kong is all street vendors with animal parts, we included a shot from inside Pacific Place, one of the many upscale shopping malls. On this occasion a couple of violinists were celebrating Mozart’s birthday.

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