Back to Hong Kong; PEI competition

Thursday we’re going back to and then returning from Hong Kong. PEI read the wrong dates on our visa status, and so they’re sending us to Hong Kong again to do more paperwork. We should arrive downtown by 9am, pick-up our processed paperwork by 4pm, and return to Taipei late that night. The whole Taiwan status issue complicates things; we process the paperwork in HK, but don’t actually get the visas until we return to Taiwan. Here’s a post by Jessica and pictures from our last Hong Kong visit.


Some of PEI’s competition is starting to rip off our ideas. The link goes to an ad for another school’s summer camp, which has some activities word-for-word the same as our winter camp, and other ideas that PEI did.


Added some new wet market pictures, starring Jessica, to the wet market gallery. We went this morning during a thunderstorm, so the wet market was extra wet. And another cute kitten picture.

6 thoughts on “Back to Hong Kong; PEI competition”

  1. Sooo… your competition teaches hip-hop dance?? You guys are going to have to step it up a notch… =) These kids’ll NEVER learn to behave in a truly American manner without hip-hop dance!!!

  2. We got a big storm, but no tornado. THanks be to God! I sent you picts and all on my cell. My cell rocks I can do just about anything with it. Let us know how HK works out!

  3. Joel- When do you sleep? Does the nameless kitten keep you up? At my age I sleep a lot,maybe you can bring me a cat. It,s spring here and the birds are migrating . We have a red breasted grosbeak feeding this afternoon. Love from Grampa Vic and grandma Effie

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