Scooter slogans sequel…

This’ll be a short post, but I HAD to share these scooter slogans that we saw recently.

Kiwi: Whenever you see it, you get happy!

FOVEP: You get to fool the harriness of rioing!
(I’ve seen others that say “Fever: you get to feel the happiness of riding” so I assume that this one is a knock-off of the “Fever” one, or the decal guy in the “Fever” factory had a bad English day.)

And (this one may be one of the best, or at least strangest so far):

Dio: Shuttle in the city jengle, the new, speedy snail clan.

See pictures here…Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Scooter slogans sequel…”

  1. I absolutely love the scooter slogans, pictures and stories! I am quite amazed at seeing so many people on one scooter. Are there many scooter accidents? I hope not. The other day, I saw a man on his motorcycle and he had his dog (a rather large dog) at his feet. It was a scene probably less unusual for Taiwan. Very unusual for here.

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