“Teacher! Why your nose so big?”

This is a follow-up to the How ‘They’ See ‘Us’ post from a while back.

“Teacher! Why your nose SO big?”

“Because. In America-”

“And Canada!”

“Yes, and Canada – very good – …”

(Jessica walks into the classroom.)

“… they take the children when they are small and put their noses in a special machine that pulls them until they are really long.”


“Ask Teacher Jessica.”

“But why?”

“Because it looks good.”

“But for us waiguoren nose is so ugl- I mean, strange!”

“Do your homework.”

I wonder how long it will take before these kinds of conversations start to become annoying. It appears I’ve reached the sarcastic/facetious response stage. If I ever get around to it I’ll post some pictures from some language text books the kids have, or from our own that come from Beijing. The have little sketches to go with the conversations, and the foreigners always have sharp pointy noses.

Photos from Taipei 101 are up on the photos page.

6 thoughts on ““Teacher! Why your nose so big?””

  1. One additional note…

    On the board, they had drawn a picture of Joel with a HUGE nose…(and a small face with big huge glasses).

    They had also drawn a picture of me….with one teeny tiny little dot for a nose. Very cute sketch, by the way, I looked almost exactly like “Sailor Moon.”

    I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Joel telling them about the nose-stretching machine…doesn’t he know that’s a never to be revealed waiguoren secret??? :D

    Actually, I just started laughing from our office (directly behind the classroom)…the kids heard me, and figured out that Joel was messing with their heads.

  2. I was gonna say… Jess’s nose seems to be a perfectly average length… apparently by Taiwanese children’s standards, too, if the sketch is really accurate… =)

    So, not ALL waiguoren noses are huge!!

  3. You’re only saying that because it’s nearly the same as your nose… :D

    Seriously though, when I look at the other noses around here, I think mine probably is a bit bigger than many…but not by much.

  4. Joel, as a fellow Bignoser, I must tell you that a prominent proboscis is nothing to ashamed of. Some will never know what it’s like to hit the bridge of their nose when drinking a glass of water. Some will never experience the reduced field of vision caused by the Great Wall dividing our faces. Some will never be able to host a spelunking expedition in the comfort of one’s living room. While few people can see past the end of their nose, we can see that much further than the rest. Yes, a sizeable snout is something to be carried as a badge of honour.

  5. After having the rural African kids scream and run away crying hysterically just at the site of me, having a big nose get relatively bigger is nothing.

    Though I never considered that some people will never know what it’s like to hit the bridge of their nose when drinking water. Wow. The diversity of human experience…

  6. And you can enjoy the smell of that tofu dish so much more. Maybe the smaller noses simply can’t smell it as well, so it’s not as bad. Maybe that’s why other cultures smell things differently…

    ok, maybe not, but I enjoy dabbling in useless hypotheses.

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