At least when we mess up it’s not international news

Now, no one expects the average North American to know the difference between “PRC” and “ROC,” but just fyi: If you are ever Commander in Chief of the world’s only (but not for long) superpower, and you decide to host the President of the People’s Republic of China and honour the occasion with a public ceremony, it is generally a good thing if you don’t confuse China’s national anthem with Taiwan’s (the self-proclaimed “Republic Of China.”) The whole Taiwan-China relationship/national identity thing is a rather sensitive topic. Taiwanese are scrutinizing the visit for future implications regarding their relationship with the Mainland. But this was funny more than anything, esp. to our Taiwanese friends.

…[China’s] National Anthem was introduced as that of “the Republic of China” – the other name for Taiwan – the part of China that has rebelled and broken away from the mainland and sought security from the United States. (full article)

I know we’re all big nose foreigners but geez people – do your homework! =)

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