Texas Live… in our classroom!

This morning, before an hour-long hot-seat PTA meeting where obsessive, suspicious parents* examined the details of our educational philosophy and curriculum package, our kids had a live internet video chat with Ruth, Joel (the other), Catherine, Joseph, and Nathan!

Ruth has already posted about it on Blessed 2b Home: Talking across the World and posted pictures. Check it out!

*The kids’ parents aren’t all neurotic; some are actually really nice. But some are doing their best to perpetuate the stereotype.

4 thoughts on “Texas Live… in our classroom!”

  1. Ahhh… parental neuroses… common to the entire world. Of course, American parents are generally more laid-back than the Chinese, it seems, but there are still those parents who grill you about every technique that you use to educate their children. =) If you can’t tell, it’s one of my least favourite parts about being in education. Makes me thankful that our mom and dad were more laid back with the teachers than some of the parents I see. (or at least they seemed that way with us!!!)

    I love you guys! Sorry I haven’t been on for a few days… I got a 4-day weekend for Easter!!! =) And, of course, I don’t internet when I’m home…

  2. Hey, our kids blogged on Ruth’s blog! We used her blog post as a reading and writing exercise in the classroom, and then had the kids post their replies.

  3. Was so great to get those posts this morning.. made our day! The comments were all so sweet! look forward to more fun next time we chat!

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