Pitter-patter of clawed, fuzzy feet

Jessica is cruel… yanking you guys around like that. Rest assured that if/when we are expecting a HUMAN CHILD we will tell most of you personally before announcing it on the internet. Here’s the photos. Our boss really likes cats, and was really excited about us getting a kitten because it meant that when we leave he’ll get to keep her. He came this close to getting an additional one for himself, but at the time couldn’t figure out how he’d convince his wife that they should have two cats now and then three cats when we leave (they already have one of those puffy, snobby Persian ones named “Du-du,” which they shave in the summer).

This kitten has no name. Pet names work like this: the two giant pandas that China is giving Taiwan are called Tuan-tuan an Yuan-yuan, because tuan-yuan means “reunion” (apparently Taiwan is not going to accept them). The cartoon internet police characters that used to be on China’s Google search page were called Jing-jing and Cha-cha, because jing-cha means police. The affective names for family members are all double syllables like that (Baba, Mama, Ge-ge, Di-di, Jie-jie, Mei-mei for father, mother, older and younger brother, older and younger sister). Some of the cats at the place we got ours from had names like “Fluffy-fluffy” (barf!).

We’re leaning toward Cho4-do4-fu3, which would be “Cho-cho” for short (meaning: “Stinky-stinky”), but we’d love some suggestions.

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  1. I’m all done naming mammals. A recent gender-confusion with one of our cats had us doing this dance again, and I’m done. All future animals will be (kind of animal)1, 2 and so on.

    But that’s a cutie, nevertheless! And when you have that human baby, we’ll figure out how I can be the first ever doula to practice her craft over Skype!


  2. No delivery/medical ability — just support for mom and dad. Of course, I’m not sure how helpful virtual massage would be for a laboring mom…

  3. Okay…so maybe it was a little cruel. Sorry for any angst I may have given anyone (especially Shauna, who was logged in RIGHT when I posted it…so she had the longest amount of torture).

    But, it is good news, she does have little feet, and they do pitter patter. And as for the morning meeting? Well, that’s when our boss picked her up and delivered her to us.

    We didn’t get to pull any good April Fool’s day jokes, so I guess this was my way of making up for it!(=

    Anyway, she’s cute. She’s sleeping on my lap right now and purring after running around the house finding things to sniff and chew on.

  4. hmmm… I don’t know that we’d be into inviting people to the birth of our theoretical future children via skype. Does that rate as one of those bio-tech ethics controveries? But I suppose we could make exceptions for doula, especially one from TMB. … doulas are midwife assistants, right?

  5. yikes, no more “birth” annoucing over the internet! yeesh–I told ryan that it coudlnt’ be true–surely you would tell us before you posted it on our website! phew… :) Feel free to lead in the childbearing anytime soon though–well, time it so you’ll be back in canada actually HAVING the baby (so we can be there of course!) anyways, congrats on the cat!

  6. We would definitely phone with news like that. But if anyone is a little ticked at the emotionally insensitive nature with which we introduced our kitten, don’t worry, we have to write a big paper on our personal relational dysfunctions (attachment style theory), so no doubt I’ll turn into a freely emoting, sensitive, affection-reciprocating family member any day now. You’ve all been warned! :D

    Feel free to lead in the childbearing anytime soon though

    No, please, after you… we want to learn some Chinese first. What’s you’re excuse? ;)

  7. Judging by the photo, if this kitten plans to grow into his ears and feet….you’re definitely in for a little more than “pitter patter”. How ’bout..”hissssss, scratch your ankles off as you’re walkin by…”. (Did they warn you this cat is a distant cousin of Spike?” :)

  8. Although it isn’t Chinese, “Hokey Ching Ching” is a favourite on the farm. (no offense meant to the sensitive).

  9. ok so maybe we dont have an excuse, BUT judging by age and family guidelines you guys should go first…oldest first you know? I think Jessica agrees with me! :) Plus, you can learn chinese better while you teach it to your children! :)

  10. Jessica doesn’t agree. :) Sorry!

    The “age and family guidelines” thing has already been nixed by my family….I figure, since we’ve already been surpassed by my sister in that respect…no big deal giving up the birthright to you and Ryan, either! :)

    Anyway…you guys’ll have ’em when you’re ready. So will we. Meanwhile, I’m thankful that nobody’s really pressuring either of us to do it (except maybe Julia, who I know dearly wants a little niece or nephew). (=


  11. Jessica-
    That was very cruel and I must admit that I was excited for a few seconds. I guess I’ll forgive you as long as you tell me when you actually are pregnant. Your cat is pretty cute, although a baby Jessica or Joel would be much cuter.

  12. Abi…

    Don’t worry….I will tell you, and the whole world, when I actually am pregnant. But that will probably be a little while!!!

    Sorry for the cruelty….April Fools Day came and went without me noticing, and so getting the cat seemed like the perfect opportunity for a little (belated) April Fool’s Day mischief!!!

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