[Photo Gallery:] 臭臭 (“Chòu-chòu” = Stinky-stinky), the cat

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We would have had pictures up sooner, but our boss picked her up for us on the way out of town this morning, and on the way over she pooped in her box and got it smeared in her fur, so I had to give her bath first at 7:15 this morning (2006-04-08) when she arrived. I was going to wake Jessica up by letting her crawl on the bed… but poopie and then soggy kittens don’t make for warm fuzzy wake-up calls. I got my size-13 shoe in two of the pictures for perspective.

The lady we got her from is kind of… dedicated. She runs a home business selling fixed-up alley cats, which she captures and vetrinarianizes. We would have picked up the kitten last night after work (around 9:30pm), but the lady had to go to bed because she gets up at 3am every morning to feed alley cats. Anyway, we’ve almost decided on a name, but we’re still taking suggestions.

[April 27 – Edited to add: We appreciate all the suggestions, but her name is now officially
臭臭 (“Chòu-chòu”, which means Stink-stinky).]

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