Photo offensive

(Not to be confused with offensive photos.) People have started complaining that we don’t have enough photos up. A giant pile of photos is coming soon; I’ve launched a picture-taking offensive, carrying the camera everywhere and taking pictures of everything. The plan is to take a gazjillion photos of everyday life around here and the people we see everyday, and create some representative galleries of what public life in our neighbourhood looks like.

Jessica and some students headed to the park

But I have issues. Somewhere in past international travels I developed this hang-up with taking pictures of people. It just seemed wrong to invade their personal space; I’m afraid of being the obnoxious tourist. Plus, being the relatively super-tall white guy with a camera in an over-populated public place tends to increase one’s self-consciousness. I accidentally took a picture of our boss the other day – he was walking through a crowd that I was shooting, and I didn’t notice until that night when I downloaded them off the camera. Some days you feel whiter than others.

But I’ve reached a compromise. It’s much easier to take someone’s picture if you’ve talked with them for a while, and you ask. People are more interesting than anything else about a place; photo albums with no people are boring. So, I’m going to take tons of pictures… and just be nice about it.

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