First Care Package…

What a great day… first, a long Skype call with our friends Kelly and Houston and then (drumroll, please)… we received our first care package!!! Woo hoo!

So this post is hereby dedicated to Meredith Gregory, who is directly responsible for a box with four pounds of Starbucks coffee enclosed (and a hilarious card) arriving for us today. We are so immensely grateful, and I’m certain that the coffee will be put to good use. (= Starting tonight, in fact.

Even though we’re not in some remote village somewhere and we can locate most anything we might have a craving for (though sometimes at a price!) here in Taipei, it’s still so amazing to get a care package in the mail and know that we’re remembered and loved. Thanks so much, Meredith. We’ll think of you every time that Starbucks smell wafts through our apartment.

Actually, I think I’ll go brew a pot right now…mmm. (=

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