“Stuffing the duck”

填鸭式教学 means, “stuff duck style teaching” or “force-feed duck style teaching.” “Stuffing the duck” is a well-known description of traditional (and widely used) Chinese teaching methods, sort of the Asian equivalent to our “drinking from the firehose.” It’s where teachers try to cram inhuman (and inhumane) amounts of content into their compliant unquestioning students. The students try to absorb as much as they can for the purpose of regurgitating it on college entrance exams. There’s precious little creative brain activity involved.

“Stuffing the duck” also aptly describes what I’m about to do to myself from now until April 9th. In the process of making a weekly time-allotment calendar (so that the time and place in my life that I give God, Jessica, and other priorities actually reflects my beliefs… what a concept!), I also made a little reading calendar, parceling out the remaining assignments and readings for this semester. And a dark cloud descended upon Yonghe.

The upside is that the schoolwork shouldn’t supplant my relationships with God and Jessica, since the time needed to nurture those is already set aside. The downside is that this duck is going to drink from the firehose from now until April 9th.

2 thoughts on ““Stuffing the duck””

  1. Well.. you could look at it this way.. atleast you are day ahead.. so you are actually one day closer to you goal than you would be if you were on the other side of the world :)

  2. :)I will definitely think of you “stuffing your duck” when we stuff “Peking Duck” with Derek and Lillian! (but that’s the duck stuffing us…not us stuffing the duck :)
    oh dear….need sleep…
    Praying for you
    love mom

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