Do we still get the panda bears?

Sometimes Westerners living in non-Western places witness little bits of history that they’d otherwise miss.

Were you aware of what happened in Uganda this week? Cheryl, who lives in Fort Portal about 7 hours west of Kampala and who is a great writer, had this experience in the wake of Uganda’s recent events. I won’t type details here, other than that link is to a really interesting post.

You may have heard of the rhetorical and bureaucratic rumblings this week re: Taiwan and the Mainland. I imagine (in my disturbingly unrefined political opinion) that it’s all probably mostly just politicians running their yaps and posturing, but it’s big news here. Here’s some links to stories from today – does that make it tomorrow’s news for you?
The Mainland’s news:
“Taiwan’s Chen abolishes unification council, guidelines” – from China Daily
“Chen’s move ‘will trigger serious crisis'” – from People’s Daily Online
Taiwan and AP news:
“DPP plans protest to support scrapping NUC” – from Taipei Times
“Taiwan Terminates China Unification Body – AP” – CDT.

Apparently Taipei might not get those two Pandas (named from the Chinese word for ‘reunion’) from the Mainland anymore.

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