Clueless…pt. 1

As of tonight, I’m starting a new series of posts called “Clueless”. These will be short posts that we’ll share from time to time telling you about moments when Joel and I look at each other and realize (again and again) that we are absolutely clueless.

Here’s tonight’s:
We attended a fellowship group meeting tonight, and thought we’d bring along something to contribute to the meal. So, we stopped at a bakery and picked up a cake. It looked like some kind of sponge cake, or angel food cake with a few layers of filling (strawberry? whipped cream?). Our host kindly receives our cake, but toward the end of the meal we notice that no body is really eating any of it. So, we try a piece….only to realize that it’s not cake.

Instead, we’ve purchased breakfast food and brought it for dessert. Our “cake” is really a loaf of pastry bread with a layer of ham, a layer of cheese, and a layer of pork shavings (quite popular in local breakfast foods…imagine pork flavored sawdust and you’ll be pretty close) inside.

7 thoughts on “Clueless…pt. 1”

  1. RATS! I’m sure they had much fun laughing at you after you and your “cake” left.
    It’s such a humbling experience to live in another culture. Clueless is definitely how I lived in Costa Rica most of the time.

  2. Guy’s this is the kind of stuff your readers want to hear about. The cultural differences are so cool to read. Please keep it coming. Did you end up taking the breakfast home?

  3. Nah, we left the breakfast there. I tried some and YUCK! I didn’t even like it once I knew it was breakfast and not cake.

    Better than the bandaid soup we had yesterday though. That stuff was gross.

  4. Bandaid soup??? You’ll have to explain that one a little bit better, sister o’ mine… =)

    So… we went to this Chinese buffet on Saturday… and what was on the buffet but adorable tiny baby octopi!!!! It was just sad… seeing them floating in their brown sauce surrounded by vegetables, but definitely gave me a small glimpse of what you’re experiencing every day… =) I didn’t eat one… Luke did. I found the tiniest one and the biggest one in the container and showed them to him… He, of course, ate the little one. The big one looked like it might get stuck on your tongue on the way down.

    I’ve never seen baby octopus in the States at a “Chinese” buffet, though. =) Must be a pretty accurate buffet if that exists.


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