Why is it that you can flounder for two weeks in an agonizing, frustrating, debilitating stew in which the primary ingredient is lack of creative thought, and then the sudden rush of inspiration and clicking-into-place-of-ideas doesn’t hit you until 12:26am of the morning the paper is due?

Why does my brain wait for the GPA-destroying weapon of Due Date to be loaded, aimed, and cocked before producing anything I want to turn in to a prof? Who cares about the GPA!

I mean, I’m thankful that this happens at all, I’d just like to adjust the timing.

3 thoughts on “Why??!”

  1. Dude all I can say is Amen brother. Last semester in my history class I turned in all my papers one week late all becuase I got all my bright ideas after the due dates. For my first paper I did really well Childers was very impressed I got a 97. The last few though were just high end B’s. Frustrating, but I’ll parade around with that 97 any day!

  2. And why does it take four years to finish a two year program? Because inspiration (divine or otherwise) doesn’t happen on our time. The silver lining is that it all ends, one way or the other.

    And why does it take so long to finally come by here and see how you’re doing? Well, some questions are best left alone. I’ll stop by more often.

  3. 4 years to finish a two year program is acceptable when you have such a noble excuse like Benno! Good to finally see you drop in.

    Sean – a 97 from Childers? I heard he just doesn’t give grades like that. The only guy in my group who got A’s from Childers went on to Yale. Either you’re paper is in very elite company, your thesis was in perfect accord with the divine/professorial opinion, or Childers was drunk. Either way, I’d hang on to that one! =)

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