Already behind…

Is it bad if, hypothetically speaking, a foreign English teacher expects his students — who come to his school late at night after already sitting through a full day in their regular school — to do their homework, yet at the same time that teacher is also an M.A. student who is already falling behind in his own studies? I’ve just turned in two weekly assignments late and my first two major papers are due this weekend — papers for two different classes, one with the due-date already extended.

What happened to the days when life was an add-on to school? Adding school onto life is a whole nother deal.
Working a job to help you get a degree (the ‘professional student’ days) was way different than working a degree to help you get a different job (Ni hao, China!). C-c-c-rrrunch! (down-shifting from keener gear to survival gear). And I really need to get back to work…

One thought on “Already behind…”

  1. Thanks for taking time to chat with us even though you are really busy. That means a lot. May God show you grace through the hustle and bustle of “life” with schoolwork on the side.

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