How ‘they’ see ‘us’

Ever wondered what little Chinese kids are thinking as they sit in a class taught by white people?

I lifted (and edited) this bit of conversation from a Taipei ex-pat internet forum (where the Anglos in Taipei share info, whine, and sell stuff)…

“ARG. Has anyone else seen this commercial where they put on a big fake nose and can suddenly speak English? Does this commercial make anyone else homocidal?”

“I haven’t, but that does it. I’m commissioning someone to make an infomercial in which I’ll pull my eyelids back with tape and suddenly be able to do kung fu.”

“Are you serious? Does this commercial really exist?”

“I saw it a few months ago in the MRT [subway] station. And I thought, ‘Did I just see what I thought I saw?'”

“Foreigner” in Taiwan and the Mainland is literally (in Mandarin) “outside country person” (wai-guo-ren). But what they won’t tell you right away is their other term for foreigners: “Da bi-zi wai-guo-ren,” which means “big nose foreigner.” Taiwanese also has a term: “pointy nose.”

Haha! To the Chinese, all the white people have big noses! I’m liking this place better every day. =)

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  1. hey, guys just droppin’ a note to let you know I’m still here and readin’. You guy’s are truely gifted for your kind of work. Thats the only insightful thing I can think to say right now. Sounds like you all are deeply passionate about what your doing. I dig that.

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