Meet the P.E.I. team, & nasty surprise

Here’s a shot of everyone most involved with the day-to-day operation of Pacific English Institute (minus two sisters Ariel and Sunny who are helping out in the classrooms for the Winter Camps): Charles, Angel, Mingdaw’s mom, Iris (Mingdaw’s wife), and Mingdaw. We were at their house tonight to hangout and have another New Years feast. Spending time like this is about the only chance we get to learn a few words of Mandarin as all our spare time right now is taken up with course work.

In less happy news, we found out what those black gooey rectangles-on-a-stick are, the ones we’ve been eating the last couple days… pig’s blood on a stick! Ugh, ignorance was bliss. Does anyone know – assuming I can get over the gross-out factor – if that is safe to eat or not? I have to admit, it tasted good; we ate several the last few days. If it’s safe to eat I might try using it as a self-administered mind-over-stomach therapy, where you tell yourself it’s good even though you want to barf and see if you can actually force yourself to like it. Kind of like when you take someone who’s afraid of the dark and lock them in a closet until they’re OK with it. Mind over flesh… this is starting to sound biblical!

9 thoughts on “Meet the P.E.I. team, & nasty surprise”

  1. That’s exactly what I was going to say! Definitely the Biblical part is NOT to eat blood. And that’s definitely “gnarly.”
    And WHO uses that word?

  2. that is hilarious! houston and i died laughing when we read this post.
    and i would say…probably won’t kill you.

    we miss you guys.

    jess..i owe you a long email i think…be expectant.

  3. Yeah, Joel wanted to get ANOTHER one tonight, just to see if he could eat it now that he knows what it is. But I don’t think I could handle seeing him eat it now that I know what it is. I do confess though, it didn’t taste bad while we were eating it. We did joke about it though, and we even said…”We’ll probably find out that’s it’s like…pig’s blood or something.”

    Even thinking about it makes me want to… hurl.

    So nice to hear from all of you guys… Kelly, I’ve been meaning to email you for awhile as well. Hope you guys are doing well!


  4. Would’ve loved to have been there to see both your faces when you found that out!! We love you both — even if you eat strange things!

  5. This is what I get for not checking the blog for a week. My son’s reaction when I told him was, “I do not think I would like to eat pig blood.” But he’d probably enjoy playing with the stick…

  6. Hi Grandma! We found out during a nice home-cooked feast, so we didn’t have the luxury of being really grossed out until later. It will get stranger, I’m sure.

  7. i think that might be the funniest thing i’ve heard in a long time. i almost fell out of my chair!

    keep us posted on the “eating what no sane man has eaten before” project.

    live long and prosper.

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