Random Dinner Adventures – Episode 1

An R.D.A. is when, like last night, we are on our own at dinner time to wander the streets and find something to eat. In a best-case scenario, you can actually see what your options are and thus pick something that at least looks like it might be tasty. In a not-as-good case, everything is underneath metal pot lids and the menu is entirely in traditional Mandarin. Normally there are little food stands everywhere, but during the holidays a lot of them close up shop so last night we were sort of at the mercy of whoever was still open.

The first two places were good – one had little fish-ball things covered in spices and sauces. The other had a hot black gooey (bean paste?) rectangle-on-a-stick covered in spicy sauce and rolled in crushed peanuts and cilantro. We were doing pretty good at this point – one or two more places like these and we’d be done for the evening.

But there was only one other place within three blocks of our apartment, and it was a not-as-good case scenario. Jessica decided to hold out in hopes of still finding something else, and I picked a menu option at random.

At first it looked like a cup of chopped up little egg roll pieces. About halfway through I took a closer look at those little tubes… hey, is that a blood vessel?

In Taipei today, a big bowl of intestine soup will cost you about $1.60.

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