A chance to explore

We start a week of holidays for Chinese New Year in about 1.5 hours. That means that when we aren’t writing papers, we’ll be visiting families and key public places to be during New Years, exploring the streets in this neighbourhood (#1 in population density for Taiwan), and seeing what can be seen via Taipei’s great subway system.

These kids are all cute and everything, but it’s time for the da-bi-zi wai-guo-ren (big-nose foreigners) to run around!

In other news… a group of senior citizens were practicing tai-chi this morning – with swords – in the park across the street from our school. I would have run over and snuck a picture (as if a 6-foot-4 white guy can sneak anywhere on this island) but we had to start class… one of our students (the one Jessica tried to make go to the bathroom in English) was constantly saying, “Oh my got (God)!” A few times I ignored it, but he did it so much it got really annoying. We had a little lesson this morning on how to say, “Oh man!” and “Whoa duuude!” I’d like to see the ‘Brown Sugar American school’ down the street try and compete with that!

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