Kicking Mr. Tumnus

We read chapter 2 of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this morning – that’s the part where Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus and he feels guilty for kidnapping her, asks for her forgiveness, and then sneaks her to safety at great risk to his own life. We asked the students what they would have done if they were Lucy. Everyone said they would forgive Tumnus like Lucy did, except for the class clown who said he’d fight, but not before our stereotypically-cute-7-year-old-Asian-girl said, “I would kick him!”

3 thoughts on “Kicking Mr. Tumnus”

  1. Absolutely precious! I could totally hear my daughter Faith saying something like that.

    Wonderful to experience second-hand what you guys are getting to do. Great!

  2. I love your site here. Very interesting to hear what you guys are up to. Sounds like you are having fun. What an experience!!

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