First day of school….

Today was the first day of our winter camp program. It was a lot of fun…the kids have pretty varied levels of English, so we have to have a translator for some parts. Overall I think they enjoyed it. We learned some verbs (run, walk, jump, twist, spin, etc. etc.), made some art sculptures out of newspaper and tinfoil, read the first chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (that had to be translated). In the afternoon, a dance instructor came to do PE with the students, and one of the Taiwanese ambassadors came to teach about international etiquette and manners.

The children are so cute. They were all really shy at first, but it didn’t take them long to warm up. We have one named Jason that asked a lot of questions – especially during the etiquette lesson. For example, we talked about how you should compliment the food, especially if someone at the table cooked it. He asked, “But what if it’s NOT good?” Then when we were talking about attending formal events, we mentioned that if you are taking a lady with you, it is polite to let her know that she looks nice. He, of course, wanted to know “What do I say if she doesn’t look nice?” I think we had about six different variations of that question from him. We also talked about not burping at the table… He wanted to know, “But what if I can’t stop it?” So, now he’s “honest Jason” in my head.

Good first day… tomorrow, we’ll be teaching some math (and any one that really know us know that is a pretty scary prospect) – don’t worry, we actually CAN manage addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. (= We’ll also do a little unit about Broadway musicals, and we’ll have a professional musician come in to talk about Jazz. It’s kind of a neat schedule, because along with the basics, there are some really creative activities mixed in. It’s a week long camp, during their winter break – so it’s supposed to be educational, but also fun since it’s their vacation.

4 thoughts on “First day of school….”

  1. Wow! That sounds so fun! I LOVE kids! And I’m sure they’re sooo excited to have REAL English speakers teaching them! That’s so cool.
    I love hearing about your adventures. Keep it up!

  2. It’s great to know you all are doing so well. I’m certin the kids will come to love you both very much. Take care my friends.

  3. PEI is for the kids whose parents want them to learn English, so they sort of “play English” when they’re here, and that means they all come with English names that use while at school. So we have to speak our language and use Engish names, even though we’re in their country (torture for us, since that goes against all our training, but that’s what they want).

    Once our last year of grad school is finished it will be our turn to take on foreign names and enrol in their language school!

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