Welcome dinner

The people investing in the school welcomed us with dinner at a famous restaurant downtown. The menu listed “God steamed” and “Srnorked goose,” though we didn’t try them. Most of what we ate we couldn’t recognize, but it was really good. Lots of fresh seafood, too, including jellyfish served in enough wasabi to knock you off your chair. It was really good… in small bites.

Pretty much every meal we eat things we’ve never seen before, so we’ll just post about the most exotic.

I’m (Joel) on the lookout for duck feet and chicken feet. I (Jessica) am on the lookout for them as well, but not with quite as much fervor as Joel. There’s also this (in)famous dish called “stinky dofu” that is stinkier than whatever you’re imagining. Our Canadian boss calls it “the south end of a pig going north.” I have to try it, but it really is repulsive. The first time I smelled it I literally started looking around to see where the open sewer was.

We’ve had lots of wonderful things to eat as well. We’ve tried bubble tea (tea with tapioca bubbles that are about the size of a small bubble), duck, and several local specialties that I think will become favorites. Maybe we’ll have to post pictures, since they are somewhat difficult to describe. One is called a “fan tuan” which is some kind of crunchy spicy/sweet meat surrounded by sticky rice. And we also had this great stuffed pancake thing yesterday…it had a crispy dough skin that surrounded a mixture of yummy vegetables. And, there is a plethora of Thai food as well…we found a great place the other night right next to the stinky dofu stand.

4 thoughts on “Welcome dinner”

  1. Sounds interesting… No thanks! I’ll stick to tofu and tuna. ;) And mint brownies, of course.
    Glad to here you’ve made it safe and sound. Can’t wait to see pictures!
    Love you lots.

  2. Oh sure was great to read your posts! I LOVE hearing all about your
    eating adventures.. I read most of it to the kids and they got a kick out
    of it.
    I cant wait to see pictures so I can edcuate the kids more about whats going on with you two.
    Have fun!

  3. Of course, Houston! I’ll dedicate that meal to you, and Bambi.

    Ruth – glad the kiddos are enjoying this. We’ll try and take some good pictures just for them!

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