4 days ’til Taiwan

Jessica’s not having a birthday this year. We leave on the 13th, fly 20 or so hours, and arrive on the 15th. The 14th gets gobbled up by the International Date Line. I’ll be 6 months older than her when we arrive in Taiwan, rather than the other way around. Apparently she sees this as a good deal.

I can see why everyone wants to live in Southern California and the land value is unbelievably high… it’s like a Vancouver summer minus the rain all the time – you can be comfortable in t-shirts and shorts all day but not sweat.

There’s a beardless short-hair picture in the hair memories gallery.

6 thoughts on “4 days ’til Taiwan”

  1. I love the new set up! and cant believe you are
    leaving so soon.. how excitting for you guys!
    I look forward to reading your blog and keeping
    up with ya’ll

  2. The journey begins. Hold on. The next few years, and longer, will be a wild ride. Always know whom you follow. It’s all about allegiance, not intelligence.

  3. we really miss you guys. i made yellow curry the other night and thoughts of you. you both are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Thanks guys. Your encouragement is huge. It will be a little nuts for us for a while. The day after we arrive we’re hitting the ground running with the English school, alongside starting 9 credits each online, a small commitment to a local congregation, and we may be making a quick trip to Hong Kong to straighten out our work visas. Our plane leaves around midnight Friday night… sort of feels like we’re about to stick our heads into a firehose, but in 20 years we’ll be glad we did it!

  5. Dan…

    You’re right…it has to be about allegiance! I’m definitely not intelligent enough or creative enough to have planned how the last 6 months of our lives have gone! And I probably would’ve planned it all a little bit more boring and predictable, for sure. We’ve often remembered our last night of visiting with you, Brenda, and Isaac. That really helped me to understand that “out on the edge”, tackling things that feel way too big for either of us, and really having to learn to trust God is right where we need to be. It’s definitely a growing place…we are thankful to have friends that pray for us and remind us of what’s most important.

    Kelly and Houston…
    You ate yellow curry without us??????? (sob). (= Actually, we’ve found several nice little Thai places around the Hope campus, and have been eating pad thai and curry pretty regularly throughout this week. We miss you guys too. I’ll try to write a little more once we get settled in Taiwan.

    Love all of you guys…Jessica

  6. I was shocked to see Joel with all the hair! Wow! But the sacrifice is DEFINITE-
    LY worth it. Are you guys settled? Are you able to send/receive email? If so, my email is address is rejoyce4ever@cox.net. I understand if circumstances there prevent that from happening. Communicating by blog or via postings through the Hope online program will work. It looks like I have Jessica in my group, which is tremendous. I look forward to hearing from you guys soon!

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