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Tianjin bike ride

Biking all over Tianjin city, armed with cameras.<br />February 2008

Our local vegetable market

Running around our neighbourhood caishichang with a camera. <br />January 2008

Tianjin Ice Fishermen

The intrepid ice fisherman of Tianjin city, China. <br />January 2008

Jinshanling & Simatai Great Wall

Hiking the less-restored portions of the Great Wall of Jinshanling & Simatai. <br />February 2008

Family Temple Complex & an abandoned church

A family temple garden complex and an abandoned church in Tianjin, China. <br />March 2008

Happy Forest Village

A hike down from the Great Wall, through terraced fields, over the hills to the valley village of "Happy Forest Village." <br /> June 2008

The Last Days of Tianjin's Nanshi Hutongs

The final days of Tianjin's historical and infamous Nanshi hutongs, still occupied but in the process of being flattened before the 2008 Olympic Games. <br />March 2008

Jixian, northern Tianjin

A day teaching and sightseeing in Jixian, northern Tianjin.<br />December 2012

A morning with a village family

Our language school arranged to farm out the students into different village homes for a morning as part of our culture learning component. <br />September 2007

Happy Forest Village

A summer hike off the Great Wall, down the mountain, through the fields to Happy Forest Village in the valley. <br />June 2007

Tianjin City Bike Ride

Lots of history in this Tianjin city bike ride: foreign concession areas, the marriage market, shuttered churches, and Eric Liddell's house (the Chariots of Fire guy).<br />May 2007

Camping on the Great Wall

Our language school has an annual camping trip on the Great Wall. This was our first time. <br />June 2007

The Tianjin Zoo

A trip to the Tianjin zoo with our language-exchange neighbour. <br />August 2007

The "flower-bird-fish-bug" market.

A trip to one of Tianjin's "flower-bird-fish-bug" markets 花鸟鱼虫市场 to buy a pet cricket.<br />August 2007

Tiananmen Square & the Temple of Heaven

Our first trip to Beijing, where we met up with some local friends who we'd met in the States and visited Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven.<br />August 2007

Camping on the Great Wall

Our language school goes camping on the Great Wall every year. <br />June 2008

China's Olympics, Our Experience

Our 2008 Olympic experience in photos, from Beijing and Tianjin. August 2008

Great Wall Mountainside Village hike

We climbed off the Great Wall and hiked down the mountain through corn jungles to a village beside a stream in the valley. <br />August 2010

Tianjin Spring & Summer

The best of our Tianjin photos from the spring and summer of 2010.

Tomb Sweeping Festival 2011

Tomb Sweeping Festival in our neighbourhood in Tianjin.<br />April 2011

Filming 1911

Pictures from filming and screen shots of the big budget Jackie Chan Chinese film "1911."<br />January 2006

Chinese Christmas Art

Scrounged around online and found some interesting contemporary and pre-Liberation Chinese Christmas art.

China 2011

The best of our China photos from 2011.<br />January to May 2011

Bi Gan Temple

Exploring the 3000-year-old legacy of Bi Gan at the Bi Gan Temple near Xinxiang, Henan.<br /> February 2010

Hard Sleeper Train

We took a hard sleeper from Tianjin to Xinxiang, Henan. <br /> February 2010

Beijing's Fragrant Hills

A fall trip to Beijing's historically famed Fragrant Hills. <br /> October 2008

Nine Dragon Mountain

A weekend getaway to the Nine Dragon Mountain National Forest Park near Jixian in northern Tianjin. <br /> August-September 2008

蚯蚓的日记 Diary of a Worm

The Chinese translation of Diary of a Worm, with a downloadable Chinese-English-Pinyin cheatsheet.

Tianjin Fall & Winter

The best of our Tianjin photos during the fall and winter of 2009.

Tiananmen & Forbidden City

A Spring Festival trip Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. <br /> February 2010

Ditan Park Temple Fair

Running around with a camera at Beijing's Ditan Park Spring Festival Temple Fair<br /> February 2010

2013 Temple of the Empress of Heaven

Visiting Qingdao's 天后宫 on 太平路 during Spring Festival. <br /> 2013 Feburary 16

Chiangmai, Thailand

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Thai cooking class in Chiangmai

Learning to cook Thai in Chiangmai.<br />February 2007

Chiangmai, Thailand

Running around photogenic Chiangmai.<br />February 2007

CNY 2013 Dragon Dance in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We were in Chinatown, Chiang Mai, Thailand on Chinese New Year's Day 2013 for the dragon dance.<br />2013 Feb 10

Taiwan & Hong Kong

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Shilin Night Market

We made a deal with our local friends: we'd eat it if they picked it out and didn't tell us what was until after we'd swallowed.<br />February 2006

Chinese New Year's Dinner

Our first Chinese New Year's dinner, at the home of our colleagues from the English school.<br />January 2006

Our Taiwan Wet Market

One of the fun things about living in Taiwan is discovering all the fresh fruit and veggies to be had at the local wet market.<br />May 2006

EFL Winter Camp in Taipei - 1

Our first shot at teaching an English "Winter Camp" in Yonghe, Taipei, Taiwan.<br />January 2006

EFL Winter Camp in Taipei - 2

Our first shot at teaching an EFL "Winter Camp" - part 2. <br />February 2006

Keelung Night Market

Eating our way through the Keelung Night Market with friends.<br />April 2006

Hong Kong #1

An overnight trip to Hong Kong to do our visas.<br />February 2006

Our Taipei Neighbourhood

Shots from our neighbourhood in Yonghe, Taipei, Taiwan.<br />2006

Temples & Traditions

Shots of the visible evidence of spiritual beliefs in our neighbourhood in Yonghe, Taipei, Taiwan.<br />2006

Our Taipei apartment

Our first apartment in Asia.<br />April 2006

Chou-chou the kitten

Our boss had a soft spot for rescued cats and made a deal with us where we'd raise one of them while we were working for him.<br />April & May 2006

Google Earthing our Taipei neighbourhood

Google Earth shots of our neighbourhood in Yonghe, Taipei, Taiwan.<br />September 2006

Taipei Scooters!

Forget minivans; in Taipei it's the family scooter. Here's a collection of scooter pictures and scooter slogans.<br />March & April 2006

Local Taiqi

Various forms of taiqi were really popular in our neighbourhood, and the park was filled with different groups in the mornings.<br />2006

The Morning Workout

The park was full in the early mornings with all manner of individual and group exercise, some of it rather odd (to us).<br />2006

Taipei 101

The obligatory trip up Taipei 101.<br />April 2006

Hong Kong #2

Our second one-day visa trip to Hong Kong.<br />May 2006

Museum of World Religions

A trip to Taipei's Museum of World Religions.<br />November 2006

Zhinan Temple Hike

Hiking up to Zhinan Temple, near Taipei, Taiwan.<br />October 2006

Elephant Mountain Hike

Hiking Elephant Mountain near Taipei. Butterflies, giant spiders, temples and views of Taipei 101.<br />September 2006

Thanksgiving EFL Dinner in Taipei

Our school hosted a big Thanksgiving dinner for all the students and their parents. The students made a "Thanksgiving Tree."<br /> Thanksgiving 2006

November: Taipei vs. Vancouver

Comparing pictures from home with pictures taken at the same time in Yonghe, Taipei, Taiwan.<br />November 2006

Wulai Hotsprings

A trip with friends to the Wulai Hotsprings in Taiwan.<br /> December 2006

Christmas 2006 in Taipei

Celebrating our first Christmas in Asia.<br />Christmas 2006

Snake soup at Snake Alley in Taipei

Tryign snake soup for the first time.<br /> September 2006

Xianjiyan Mountain hike

Hiking Xianjiyan mountain, one of the fun day hikes near Taipei.<br />September 2006

EFL kids & a maomaochong

Our students encounter a caterpillar during an outing in the park.<br /> June 2006

EFL Night Market Cultural Sharing Activity

Our students take us to the local night market and introduce us to their favourite food as part of a culture sharing activity.<br />May 2006

Yuantong Temple hike

Hiking to Yuantong temple, up one of the mountains around Taipei.<br />May 2006

Local Temple Parade

We were out for a walk when one of the many local temples launched a big, loud, colourful parade through our neighbourhood.<br />May 2006

Longshan Temple

A visit to the historical Longshan Temple.<br />September 2006

Dragon Boat Festival 2006

A day at the races for our first Dragon Boat Festival.<br />May 2006

Hiking Yangming Shan

A beautiful walk with friends on Taiwan's Yangming mountain.<br /> January 2007


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Julia in South Africa

Some of Julia's South Africa photos.<br />March 2006

Texas summer trip

<br />August 2006

Camping in B.C.

Family camping trip in B.C.<br />August 2006

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