Entrepreneurs! Get rich marketing these in China

DOG PEE TIRE GUARDS. In our neighbourhood alone, you could make a fortune.

First, the problem:
Crowded urban apartment complex with tons of pet dogs that apparently have a thing for car tires.

This is the best that our neighbours can do. This kind of thing is all over the neighbourhood:

Surely there’s a market for some kind of convenient (fold-able? adjustable? non-stick?) car tire pee guard.

Fancy beer-in-a-bag

Normally the plastic bag just gets hung from a scale that’s hung off the tap, but this summer our closest beer-in-a-bag vendor fancied things up a bit.

Brace yourselves: China’s coal season is coming

Every fall, we stock up on a new shipment of these things, and start the cold season with freshly-equipped, cheap D.I.Y. home air purifiers:
Strap-on HEPA filters
Find out how you can pass the winter in China while cheaply shaving less years off your life than you would otherwise:

China Essentials: DIY Air Purifiers