Market colours, Qingdao, China

Bright sunlight filters through black plastic netting strung up over dry goods at Qingdao’s Licunji on market day:Colourful Beans & Grains 01Colourful Beans & Grains 02Colourful Beans & Grains 03For someone who knows how to navigate an outdoor lightscape with a real camera (not me; shot this in Auto), Qingdao’s Licun market offers all kinds colour and texture to shoot.

Chinese popcorn cannon

A traditional Chinese sidewalk popcorn cannon, on a spring market day in Licun, Qingdao, China:Chinese popcorn cannon
Our oldest (5.5-yrs-old) can not stand these things; I think it’s the dreadfully building anticipation more than the (really) loud BANG! when the load of popcorn shoots into the long black sack.
Chinese popcorn cannon
This guy actually blew a whistle to warn everyone when it was about to blow.