SCA’s all-female sailing team in the Volvo Ocean Race

I was sent this cool Chinese-language video about SCA’s all-female ocean racing team in the Volvo Ocean Race:

ài shēng yǎ nǚzǐ fānchuán duì yángfān chūzhēng
SCA Female Sailing Team Sets Sail for Battle

Here’s a translation of the Chinese characters that appear in the video:

旅程 Journey
平衡 Equilibrium
勇气 Courage
专注 Devotion
力量 Power
战略 Strategy
关爱 Care
灵感 Inspiration
责任 Responsibility
敏捷 Agility
尊重 Respect
扬帆出征 Setting sail for battle

They’ll be in Sanya, Hainan at the end of January. This is the first all-female team to enter the race in more than a decade. Check out the team’s official page and their English-language videos:

P.S. – The English video has a slightly different list of values: teamwork, vision, empowerment, respect, efficiency, responsibility, performance, excellence.

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun Chinese propaganda posters!

“Weird Al” Yankovic is promoting his latest album Mandatory Fun with two Chinese propaganda poster spoofs. One poster has Chinese. To find out what it says, mouseover the Chinese characters here or scroll down:


“I’m not wearing underwear”
wǒ méiyǒu chuān nèikù

And here’s the other one:

Click the images for the original source.

“That’s right, I’m a foreigner!” 对,我是外国人!

Once upon a time we went to an all-Chinese mall in Vancouver, Canada to practice Chinese. We overheard this group of college-age girls say, “Hey, those wàiguórén speak Chinese!” Wàiguórén (外国人) meaning “foreigner.” And never mind who was in whose country.

Anyway, saw this shirt tonight and had to share. Reminds me of the mzungu shirts worn by wàiguórén in East Africa during bad reactions to culture stress. But with a twist. And not worn by a mzungu/wàiguórén:

外国人!” — 弗 2:19
“That’s right, I’m a foreigner!” — Ephesians 2:19

Aside from just being funny, it’s also interesting because of China’s general love/hate relationship with wàiguórén/the West. Just this week I come across usage of “fake foreign devil” 鬼子. And not to mention Chinese Christianity‘s complicated relationship to the English language, Western culture and Western Christianity in particular.

Maybe the t-shirt’s just a Bible joke and not meant to reference any of that. Or maybe it’s deliberately redefining the terms. Either way the joke’s historical-cultural context is hard to ignore. Because historical-cultural context is always hard to ignore. At least for this 外国人

P.S. –
And lest anyone feel like accusing this guy of being a fake foreign devil (鬼子), I should point out that not only does he not speak any English, he doesn’t even have an ‘English name’. Dude is just not interested in “sniffing after foreigners’ farts.

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